It all started with a friendly race..

and then the "bug" bit

We soon moved up to supporting our local racers and helping to promote a new class.

Now we have moved into bringing you, the racer, the finest product we could find.

We then began running local club style races which soon grew into the only perminant race facilty in the region and some of the finest run and racing to be had in the country.

Molzer Mowery Racing is working with the support of the racer in mind, and the understanding of quality products delivered at reasonable prices.

Our goal is to support the racer and to promote the hobby. We hope that in doing so we can bring as much joy and friendship to others as we have had the fortune to have ourselves.

We look forward to bringing you the finest products we could find, to not only to race but to just enjoy owning.

Thank You
Fredrik Molzer
Andrew Mowery


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We look forward to supporting you in your backyard and in the pits.

Getting dirty is half the fun