F1 Championships

The largest F1 race in the world. Who will come out on top?

We should be able to upload results and images track side as the event unfolds.        

Track Web sitewww.vast-8.se


Looks like most of the players have made it to the show.

With a closed track we saw plenty of setup and car wrenching going on today.

The airlines had misplaced out cars for 27 hours but now that we have all of our stuff we relished we need a card reader before we can post pics. hopefully by tomorrow afternoon. This is looking to be a incredible race of talent and products.


We still have been unable locate a card reader so unfortunatly no images yet.

We have seen a number of F1's tracking rolling today and lap times have dipped into the 17 second range. With quals starting in the morning we could expect even some faster times.

Practice times.

heat 1 heat 2 heat 3 heat 4

1st rd1st rd1st rd 1st rd

2nd rd 2nd rd 2nd rd 2nd rd

3rd rd 3rd rd 3rd rd 3rd rd