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MMR VTA Club SPEC Changes for fall 09/10 Season:

MMR Spec racing is to keep cars in close racing and grow local club racing.

The number one reason we see racers leaving is when the class they run becomes too fast or too expensive to compete in. We often find by specing the class you continue to grow the class and racers enjoy being able to keep in touch with the car and we see a need to keep the class slowed down. The fast racers will always be fast regardless of Spec so do not fret if you are a hair off there pace.

Always remember if the spec class is too slow there is a class already that goes fast, uses the most current in tech and is for the elite hard core racer.

MMR VintageTrans-Am Club Spec Rules and Specifications

Body Specifications:
Body provided deck lid spoilers allowed (not wings). No additional skirts or raised/extended wings or air control surfaces allowed. Body must be trimmed
at body trim lines. Full rear bumper required.
Tire & Wheel Specifications:
HPI tire part #4793 front and #4797 rear, stock tire inserts provided with tire and any HPI Vintage wheels designed to fit.
26mm width fronts and 31mm width rear tires. 8-spoke Vintage wheels from #3805 through #3814, 5-spoke Vintage wheels from #3815 through #3822 and Vintage stock car
wheels from #3854 through #3860 are all legal wheels.
Grinding of tire tread is NOT permitted. Sanding of mold seam to remove seam is allowed.
Tires must have visible tread.
Chassis Specification:
Four Wheel Drive touring car chassis only. Tires must fit within the body.
Motor Specifications:
Option 1: 27-turn ROAR stock motor: ROAR motor rules apply for 27 turn.
Option 2: 17.5 brushless motor: ROAR Motor Rules for 17.5
Battery Specifications:
3-cell NiCd or NiMh batteries
1-cell LiPo hard cased
Ride Height Specification:
Minimum ride height is 5mm.
Weight Specification:
Minimum 1280g Lipo
Race Specification:
5 minute Qualifiers Heats are run “heads up” with horn starts. Shuffling of start order for each round with slowest qualifier first and fastest qualifier last

9 Minute Mains: Starting grind should have cars aligned at angles along a side wall of the track.

Body List:
HPI part numbers:
17510 - 1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda
17519 - 1966 Ford Mustang GT
17508 - 1965 Ford Shelby GT-350
7494 - 1968 Chevrolet Camaro
17526- 1969 Chevrolet Corvette
Parma part numbers:
10143 - 1969 Z28 Camaro
10141 - 1970 Boss Mustang
10113 - 1970 'Cuda
Pegasus Hobbies part numbers:
PGH4001 - 1970 Camaro SS
PGH4002 - 1970 'Cuda
PGH4003 - 1970 Mustang

MMR Does well at the LSRCC W.O.W. Race.

2nd place in the team race. 3 Tq's, 2 wins, 2 seconds, 2 thirds. Great racing across the board and a great place to showcase our sport. Thanks again in allowing us to support the club and race. A great Showing for Serpent S400's and FF07's.

MMR Club VTA Spec has kept close racing in the Trans Am and is one of the strongest growing classes with Stock 12th still king for club racing turnouts. Feel free to email us for a list of parameters we run under.


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MMR Electric Challenge 2008 Was Huge success

Serpent S400's dominate the stock class with 1,2, 3 on the podium also taking the SS win.

FF07's dominate the 12th SS taking 1,2,3.

More Images click here



Ray Wood DVD of the 2008 SnowBird Nationals

Snowbirds 2008" Official DVD is over 100 minutes of awesome carpet racing, both circuit & oval. This the biggest event in the world with around 700 entries for 12th scale circuit, 10th touring cars plus after a change in the track layout, 12th & 10 oval sedan racing, Nascar trucks, & sprint cars. The Snowbirds is held in the Radison Hotel Ballroom in Orlando, Florida, runs 20 hours a day and is just non stop action. If you are not familiar with carpet oval racing, this will blow you away. the racing is fast & tight and the crashes at these huge speeds are spectacular. Drivers include Andy Moore, Teemu Leino, Simo Ahoniemi, Jilles Groskamp, Markus Mobers, Josh Cyrul, Ralp Burch, Paul Lemiuex, Barry Baker, Chris Tosolini and many more top international drivers plus the best oval racers in the world.

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2008 Carpet Nationals


Team MMR Does very well with S400 and FF07's. Placing many cars in A mains.

Serpent driver Billy Easton put the S400 in the Show for Mod Sedan, with a high finishing spot of 2nd and a final of 6th.

MMR Driver Tony had some less luck in quals but put on a convincing show dominating his main.

MMR Drivers Jari and Mitch put the S400 in the big show for 13.5 rubber.

MMR Driver Mitch put the FF07 into the Big Show for Mod 12th

MMR Driver and Designer of the FF Jari put the FF07 in the big show for 12 Super Stock


Many FF07 drivers did very well, Thanks goes to Tony, Brian, Dale, Mike, BIlly,Janet, Randy, Tyler and all the others that went into making the race enjoyable for all and for such great product support. The FF07 has once again proven its ability to perform at the top level.

Here are some setups from nats.

Jari A Main 13.5 Rubber S400

Tony S400 Setup 13.5 Rubber