ERFA GP 2004

We should be able to bring you results and pics trackside, I have just confimed we will be able to tap in at the track



Here is a link to the local club site

We have the car packed and ready to leave for the track in a hour or so.

So does anyone think they will know we are the ones from the US?        


Friday Practice
The track has a ton of bite, everyone seems to be getting around fairly well, it is a very high speed turning track and very touchy to pass on. controled practice begins in a hour or so we should be able to post the computer outputs as soon as we have them.

Practice heats

heat 1

heat 2

heat 3

heat 4

heat 5

heat 6

heat 7

heat 8



The cars were all going very quick, the track is very very fast with very high grip. The aspault is a special drainage aspault so puddles do not form. Just in case of rain.

The only slow corner is the middle hairpin the rest are veyr fast corners with great burms to ride up on or use as a jump trying to clear the fence.

Facilitys are excellent, restrooms, camping, showers food and a race track.. what else could you ask for?

we are able to get the results from the scoring computer via usb drive, we will try ad update between rounds of qualifying.